Pak Group companies reach millions worldwide with sustainable, innovative, and high-quality food products.

Pak Group began exporting yeast and bakery ingredients in 1980 and today reaches millions of consumers in over 130 countries. The Pak Group companies Pak Gıda, As Gıda, Rompak, and Pak Group LLC meet customer needs and demands with their skilled workforces and state-of-the-art production plants. All operations comply with international quality and food safety standards.

Food Brands and Companies


Pakmaya introduced scientifically produced baker’s yeast to Turkey in 1973. It soon became one of the most reputable and trusted food brands in Turkey and the world.

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As Gıda

As Gıda produces ingredients for industrial bakeries, patisseries and flour mills as well as consumer goods, focusing on quality and food safety with its investments and R&D programs.

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Pak Ihracat

Building on its reputation for good value and competitive pricing, Pak Group began exporting worldwide in 1980. With its innovative products and capacity to meet the needs of diverse markets, Pak İhracat now reaches millions of people in over 130 countries.

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Pak Gıda

Pak Gıda began its operations with the first Pakmaya factory, established in İzmit in 1973. The company expanded its production capacity with its İzmir and Düzce yeast plants in 1986 and 1989 respectively, and continues to produce a variety of fresh and dry yeast for industrial and consumer use.

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The Group extended its production expertise abroad in 1998 with the establishment of Rompak. Still the only yeast producer in Romania, Rompak runs sales operations in the domestic as well as the European market and continues to grow through investment.

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Pak Group LLC has operations in USA, Canada and Mexico with the Bellarise brand.

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