Pak Group

Pak Group

Pak Group: A World-Leading Business from Turkey

Pak Group is made up of manufacturing companies in food, packaging, feed and fertilizersas well as a real estate business. For over half a century, the Group has been developing its businesses and exporting its brands to over 130 countries. Adding value to the economy everywhere it operates, Pak Group works for a better future with a focus on sustainable, high-quality production.

Pak Group’sbeginnings go back to the establishment of the Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceutical Laboratory in 1923. In the 1950s, Pak Group founder Dr Engin Pak led the transition from lab-scale operations to industrial manufacturing. During his long career, Dr Pak established and grew several companies with operations worldwide, The high ethical and production standards set by Dr Pak continue to guide the Group’s companies today.

130+Countries Exported To

Foundation of Pakmaya

The Group entered the food industry with the Pakmaya brand, which began production in its first yeast factory in İzmit in 1973.

Pakmaya on 5 Continent

Pak Group began exporting Pakmaya products worldwide in 1980.

Izmir Yeast Factory

The second Pakmaya yeast factory opened in İzmir in 1986.

Düzce Yeast Factory

In 1989, the Düzce plant was built as the third Pakmaya yeast factory in Turkey.

Growing Producer of the Food Industry

As Gıda was founded in 1991, and continues to produce raw materials, finished products, developers and additives for the bakery, milling, patisserie, and retail food industries today.

Rompak: Production Center in Europe

In 1998, the Rompak plant was built in Romania and started operations as Pakmaya’s fourth yeast factory.

Strong Brands in the Packaging Industry

In 2001, Pak Group became the majority shareholder in Kartonsan, the leading coated cardboard producer in Turkey and one of the largest in Europe. Pak Group went on to acquire Selka and Dönkasan.

A Scientific Power in the Agricultural Industry

Integro , a biotechnology company producing innovative feed and fertilizers for the agricultural sector, was founded in 2007.

Trust in the Commercial Real Estate Sector

Ece, the Group’s commercial property company, was established in 2007 to manage and market office and industrial spaces.

Greece's Largest Producer in Its Sector

Macedonian Paper Mills (MEL S.A.), the only coated cardboard producer in Greece, was acquired by Pak Group in 2012.

Pak Group in North America

The Group entered the US food market in 2012 with the Bellarise brand.

Smart Solutions in Flexible Packaging

In 2012, Intermat, a company providing flexible packaging solutions for food and healthcare industries, joined Pak Group.