1. Disclosure

In accordance with the Law on Regulation of Electronic Commerce, “commercial electronic message” refers to messages containing data, audio, and video sent for commercial purposes and carried out in an electronic environment using means such as telephone, call centers, fax, automatic dialing machines, smart voice recording systems, electronic mail, and short message service.  Commercial electronic messages can only be sent to recipients with their prior consent. This consent can be obtained in writing or by all kinds of electronic communication tools or via the Message Management System (“IYS”). Recipients can refuse to receive commercial electronic messages and withdraw their consent at any time without giving any reason. Therefore, even if you consent to receive commercial electronic messages, you can refuse to receive commercial electronic messages at any time, without giving any reason, by going to the link included in the message or via IYS. Within this context, we hereby submit for your information this disclosure about the definition of our Company, its activities, products, services, advertisement, promotion, and commercial activities, to celebrate, be informed about organizations of our Company, and to send commercial electronic messages within the scope of marketing and communication activities. Commercial electronic messages will be sent to you only if you give your consent.

2. Consent

I hereby accept and declare that I have been duly informed in accordance with Law No. 6563 on Regulation of Electronic Commerce, that I have read and understood this disclosure form and that my statement below is valid. I hereby grant my informed explicit consent that commercial electronic messages and other messages via e-mail, SMS/short message, push notification, social media and other online advertising networks, direct distance dialing, computer, telephone, fax, e-mail/mail, Bluetooth, and other wireless networks and other electronic communication tools can be sent by or behalf of Pak Holding A.Ş. and third parties providing services under the confidentiality obligation in accordance with the Laws in order to be informed about various promotions, advertisements, promotions, sales and marketing regarding all kinds of products and services of your Company, celebrations, wishes, and company organizations and to establish all kinds of communication with me, I hereby declare that I am informed that I can refuse to receive commercial electronic messages at any time, without giving any reason.

If you grant the permissions/approvals specified within the scope of the information above, click the "I have read the Commercial Electronic Message Permission Disclosure and Consent and hereby consent to receive electronic messages" box on the screen to indicate your acceptance, consent, and approval.

Pak Holding A.Ş.

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